Suburbs in the south of Moscow. Narko-Stop does many raids here since people sell “Spice“ particularly here where the income is lower
Suburbs in the south of Moscow. Narko-Stop does many raids here since people sell “Spice“ particularly here where the income is lower
Narko-Stop leader Alexej drags an alleged drug dealer outside the shopping center during a raid
The group forces the alleged drug dealer to smoke the "Spice"
The Narko-Stop group beats up an alleged drug dealer close to a shopping center
Alexej Zaitzev the 26 years old leader of the Narko-Stop group on his way home after meeting up with the group. He founded the group a year ago. „To be honest, if I didn’t have anything to loose in my life, I would start a bloody chaos. I would simply go out and shoot them dead. The only thing that holds me down is that there are people who care about me, to whom I am important.“
Alexej Zaitzev in his room, in a flat at the southern suburbs of Moscow where he lives with his mother. Alexej works as an IT-Engineer and used to live for two years in the United States but came back to Russia. “To be honest, for our actions we could get serious jail time, especially me as an organizer. But then again as we talk about the insufficient law, many policemen tell us face to face if it wasn’t for their badge, they would do the same. „Crush these bastards“, they tell us.“
Raid close to the Moscow metro station Shabalovskaya. The Narko-Stop group beats up an alleged drug dealer. Only a few pedestrians stop or interfere. Many may not openly endorse it but they accept the violence against an alleged criminal
Narko-Stop member Stass is 17 years old argues in the kitchenn with his grand mother about school issues. “I think after joining the group I became less scared and more self-confident.“ he says
In Stass room. He lives together with his dad and his grand parents
Narko-Stop members burn the passport of an alleged drug dealer from Usbekistan
Narko-Stop members attack an alleged dealer during a raid at the Moscow metro station Domodedovskaya
Leras room. Lera is Alexanders girlfriend the only girl in the Narko-Stop group. “I feel good in the group, like one of the boys. Sometimes I fight as well - or at least I beat the dealers once they are caught. Sure, some people tell me this violence thing is not for girls, but I don’t care - I have my own understanding of what is right.“ she says
Alexander and Lera at Thai-Boxing practice, where they first met
Lera and Alexander, in Leras parents apartment. Alexanders is 22 years old and studies at the Moscow Technical Institute of Connection and Informatics. When he finishes school he says “…my plan is to go work at the police or an anti-drug unit. To do the same as I do now, but legal.“
Alexej tells Alexander and Lera who just joined the group about the last raid during the metro ride to the next destination
Suburbs in south of Moscow
Vigilantism is met widely with approval by Russian society. During a raid at the Moscow metro station Sokol, Georg attacks an alleged dealer. Two strangers join the beating once they hear that the victim is a drug dealer
Narko-Stop member Georg in his room. “Narko-Stop is like a brotherhood. It is very pleasant to feel like a part of something. When people unite for something and you are a part of it, its like you create a family.“ he says
Room of Narko-Stop member Georg. He is 26 years old and lives in a small two rooms apartment with his mother and her boyfriend. He often has conflicts with her and uses to meditate to relax
With mobile phones the Narko-Stop members document how they paint their victims face with enduring paint to later upload and share the material on social media
During a raid in the southern suburbs of Moscow two kinds are watching the Narko-Stop group beating up their victims. Afterwards they curious ask the members where they will upload the videos and pictures