First Lieutnant Jan Nielsen and his team taking the panzer on a test ride before the maneuver. "sure we have a lot of fun during the excercise but the biggest task is the cleaning afterwards. It takes up to five hours to wash the panzer after it has been in the terrain", he says
Senior members in front of the Homeguard building. The average age of the volunteers is 50 years
"My squad is always ready for action“, says Morten, second from left, 32 years old and working as Child Caretaker. The group is marked with red stripes since they will be playing the enemy in the maneuver
Since the end of the Cold War the organization had experienced a steady decline in membership. The role of the Home Guard thereafter adjusted more into supporting civilian authorities such as the Police or the Customs
Engaging with the enemy during the maneuver
Kenneth, 29 years old works as a carpenter in his civil life
Kenneth, 34 years old, during the maneuver. He works a a repairman, fixing power-tools.
A Home Guard member playing a dead enemy during the excercise.
Home Guard members returning to get a debrief after an excercise
Mikkel Hansen, 19, watching his fellow members during an exercise. Mikkel just recently joined the Queens Guard.
Home Guard member guarding the base during the maneuver